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Counseling – Available to children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics in a combination of individual and family sessions (as medically necessary.) Performing annual comprehensive diagnostic assessments, diagnosing, treatment plans, and 90 day status reviews that could lead to modifications/updates to the treatment plan goals/objectives.  A multitude of treatment modalities will be used as is appropriate for their diagnosis.  Frequency will vary from multiple times per week to monthly as needed for best treatment.


Family Mediation - The family-mediation system focuses on providing a dispute-resolution mechanism to families who are in dispute. This includes Divorce, Child Custody, Adoption, Estate, and other areas where families may have a disagreement. 





Coming Soon:


Additional Services

We are working hard to add more services. In the future will will be offering:

  • Mediation


Please let your provider know if you are interested in this service.

If you are not a current client but are interested in Mediation please contact. 

Our Treatment Room
Our Treatment Room
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